I Was a Preemie Just Like You

A celebration of the tiniest bundles of joy

Book Description

I Was a Preemie Just Like You is a sweet children's book that shows preemies what they went through, and that they are not alone. Colorful geometric illustrations and rhyming text reimagine the NICU experience as an amazing adventure. This book is perfect for preemies of any age but was developed specifically for toddlers as an introduction to their own premature start. I Was a Preemie Just Like You makes a great gift for new preemies, NICU grads, NICU Care Packages and your NICU library.

"This book is a great way to explain to a child how they started off in life, that it wasn’t easy but they are strong, they are a fighter and they can be anything they want too."- The Honest Confessions of a NICU Mom

"Tackling this topic is not easy but Dunn does so with ease and understanding as well as joy. Yes, joy. She literally speaks to preemies in the book giving them permission to dream of their life outside of the NICU, of the adventures that await them in the big world outside of the hospital."- Preemie World 


One of Two
A twin story about individuality

Book Description

When twin sheep are born on the farm, telling them apart proves to be trouble.  The twins set off on an adventure to make new friends who can tell them apart from each other, and in the process, they learn that everyone is unique. Colorful geometric illustrations and rhyming text teach twins that it’s always okay to be an individual.

"In One of Two, this is played out in the form of two adorable ewes that look alike but couldn’t be more different. Add in a whole host of farmyard animals and you have a fun book for bedside at the NICU, at home and all the way into the preschool years. PreemieWorld gives a huge thumbs up for Me Two Books hitting it out the park yet again."- Preemie World

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